Every piece is designed and perfected over months, sometimes years to assure you are receiving top quality items. Comfort, style, and performance are kept in mind for each piece. Our fabric is high quality, and so comfortable you might never want to take it off. Each color has been uniquely dyed. The subtle branding fits perfectly with each piece, and every logo has been perfectly placed. You will catch our tagline “weather your storm,” featured inside some of your pieces, reminding you that you are capable of conquering anything life throws at you.


You will notice each piece is named to tie into the theme of the mighty oak tree, and all that it symbolizes. From the colors to the names of pieces, you will find these names encompass what our brand is all about, the strength, endurance, and power of the OAK.


We work with high quality manufacturers and materials to provide our customers with the best quality products possible. Our manufacturers are located overseas, as they are able to provide us with the high quality fabrics we desire. The factory is safe, clean, and well organized, ensuring quality control of every piece. The manufacturers are all paid fairly, and their safety and health are top priority.

Good for our Planet

 Our company aims to ensure that we are doing our part in keeping our planet healthy. Our packaging is all recyclable, and all of our samples are donated to local organizations in need so that nothing goes to waste.